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It’s About Time! Spring is finally here and it’s about time! This winter was not only brutal, but relentless as well – there seemed to be no end to the cold and snow, setting all sorts of records here in New Jersey as well as other states across the country. But, hopefully, the worst of it has passed and now we can get on with the business of getting our Corvettes ready for fun, sun and cruising! That’s the cover feature of this issue, and you’ll find all sorts of great products for getting your Corvette to look its best from some of the top makers of car care products. The choice is yours, but everything we’ve featured here is truly top- drawer so you can’t go wrong regardless of which brand or product you select. We received some reader mail concerning brakes -– people asking questions about slotted and drilled and vented rotors and what bedding in means, so we’ve decided to address these questions and explain some things in our Tech section. A lot of folks who don’t own Corvettes mistakenly think that Corvettes are impervious to rust. Those of us who own the plastic fantastics, particularly the older ones, know this is far from reality, so we talk about the war against rust and the products you need to eliminate it and shield against it forming in our Garage Tips section. If the seat back recliner mechanism on your C5 isn’t working, check out our how-to in this issue. And if you need to replace your Shark’s front bumper, you may want to upgrade to a FlexGlass unit. Bumper mounting hole repair is covered in our Resto Section, and there’s lots more, so enjoy the read!