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IT’S OUR 4TH ANNIVERSARY! Here we are – July, 2014 – and with this issue we’re celebrating our 4th Anniversary. When our premiere issue went live on the Internet in July 2010, we didn’t know what was ahead of us. It was both a vision and a bold venture, but one that we all believed in and, now four years later, it would seem that our vision was right. After all, this country was founded on bold visions and ventures, so we had an excellent and inspired example to follow. But our success isn’t all on us – not by a long shot. Without our advertisers who have supported our efforts all these years this ezine could not have possibly survived. And without you, our dear and loyal readers, there would be no point to publishing AllAboutVettes.com each and every month. And so we say with sincere gratitude “thank you” to our advertisers and to you, our readers. The ezine has evolved in it’s format and overall size in response to sugges- tions from you good folks. Rather than the long pages we started out with initially, we made the pages more symmetrical and more in the format of a traditional print publication. But rest assured that AllAboutVettes.com will continue to evolve and improve according to the feedback we get from you, so don’t be shy about sending us any suggestions you have to help us improve it even more. With a bit of coding magic, AllAboutVettes.com will now resize itself to fit the screen on which it is being viewed, whether that’s on your computer, a tablet or a smart phone. And it will also support the page down/page up buttons on the keyboard to make navigation easier. Just another innovation for you!