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AN EXTRAORDINARY DESIGNER It was at the 1997 Corvettes at Carlisle that I finally met Larry Shinoda face-to- face, although we have spoken many, many times on the phone over the last year. A medical trust had been set up for Larry, since his health wasn’t very stable and he had to perform kidney dialysis twice daily. The folks at Carlisle set up a charity auction to benefit this medical trust and lots of Corvette memorabilia was up for bidding, including a signed and numbered set of limited-edition Shinoda C5 Concept prints; however, in his haste to pack and leave in time to get from Detroit to Carlisle, he forgot to bring the set of framed prints for the auction. At a rest stop he called me and asked if I could bring our set of prints for display purposes at the auction, and I assured him it would not be a problem. He couldn’t thank me enough, and the auction was a great fund-raiser for the medical trust. Later that evening Larry dined with me and my wife, Liz, at the California Cafe in Carlisle and I was the last journalist to interview him. In this interview, he talks very candidly about what was going on at GM in general and in Bill Mitchell’s Studio X in particular. It’s a rare opportunity to peek behind the curtain, so don’t miss it!