Publisher & Editor-in-Chief
7TH BIRTHDAY REFLECTIONS I, personally, had no idea whether this idea for a free (to readers) online monthly Corvette magazine was going to work or not but, then again, nothing ventured nothing gained. So I took a gamble and jumped right in, along with the major help and support of my wife, Liz. Well, as it turned out, the idea did work and here we are now, celebrating the 7th Birthday of - may it have many, many happy returns! As the ezine evolved over the years, we changed visual format to make it easier to read with less clutter on the editorial pages, relegating advertising to either stand-alone pages or banner spots. We also tried automatic resizing of the pages to fit the screen of the device you’re viewing it on and other subtle coding refinements. The evolution process is far from over, however, as we’re constantly looking for better technology and means to present our material to you in an ever- more easy and visually interesting way. The changes we’ve made reflect the comments and suggestions you good folks were kind enough to share with us. So keep communicating with me, please!